Merch Giveback Bundle

 In an effort to spread love and support during these hard times, Andrew Scotchie & the River Rats will be running this merch bundle throughout the rest of 2020.  25 % percent of this sale's profit will be donated to a charity/organization of YOUR choosing.  Simply type "yes" or "no" in the box and name/link the charity or organization. Everyone that supports this initiative will receive a receipt of purchase/donation and the merchandise listed below.  Below you will find a few of our suggested charities/small businesses/organizations.


This holiday merch special includes the following-

-1 "Together We're Stronger" Shirt (unisex)

- 2 signed copies of the band's latest album "Everyone Everywhere"

- Sticker bundle (3)

- "Air Scotchie" guitar picks (2)

-  2020 Coozie (1) 

- Typed out/signed lyrics to the band's holiday original "My First Christmas Without You"

-Personalized thank you note from Scotchie. 


A few of our suggested charities/organizations

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) -

National Independent Venue Association (NIVA) -

Manna Food Bank -

The Sean Mason Memorial Scholarship Fund -

Sharing House -

Welcome Table AVL -

Asheville Music School -

Asheville Humane Society -


RHA Health Services -

Habitat For Hummanity-

The Asheville City Schools Foundation -

Homeward Bound

Steadfast House -

Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation -

Merch Giveback Bundle